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Blog – SynchroniCity: Creating a Single Global Digital Market

SynchroniCity is an Internet of Things (IoT) European Large-Scale Pilot Project, which is aiming to open a global IoT market place for cities and business to share digital services. This summer saw the launch of the €3M open call for SMEs, large businesses and cities with IoT or IoT-enabled applications to pilot their solution across European Cities and beyond.

What is the challenge?

The opportunities presented by technology are endless. But societies are struggling to get sustainable value out of it. How do we ensure that technology respects our privacy, enables us to live more sustainably and helps us to live more happily? It has become clear that we need to rethink and improve our use of technology to create better living conditions for people. For this reason, the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation has funded the project SynchroniCity.

How is SynchroniCity addressing this challenge?

SynchroniCity is one of the IoT European Large-Scale Pilot Projects currently operating. The project has been running for 1,5 years and is built on the belief that creating a simplified, open and agile digital market across borders will help cities and its citizens get better services. Through opening a global IoT market where cities and businesses develop shared digital services we can improve the lives of citizens and grow local economies. It will also help businesses of all sizes transparently compete and easily scale their products and solutions. All this together will enable the identification and development of agile city standards that will allow to establish an effective marketplace for all. ​

To develop this single market place, SynchroniCity has involved 38 partners including 8 European cities. During this project the team have created a technical framework, which span over the partnered cities to deliver the single framework for IoT devices.

The next step in the creation of this market is to validate this framework through an open call for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large businesses and cities to pilot their IoT and IoT-enabled solutions. SynchroniCity’s partners, including Future Cities Catapult and Digital Catapult are working to deliver this €3M opportunity that will fund pilots.

The Open Call

The purpose of this open call is to create a global market for human-centred IoT-enabled urban services, which are interoperable, replicable and reusable across cities and across domains.

We have worked with our partnering cities to construct four themes under which to test your solutions. We are calling SMEs, large businesses and cities with IoT data-enabled applications or a full stack solution to apply as part of a pilot group. To find out more, download the documentation for SMEs and Large Businesses. 

Apply for the open call here.

More information

For more information on SynchroniCity and the open call go to the website, contact the help desk. Follow us on twitter here: @syncCityIoT


Charlotte Hutton is the SME Development Coordinator at Future Cities Catapult

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