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White Paper: Smart City Demonstrators - A Global Review of Challenges and Lessons Learned

In a global first, Future Cities Catapult have assembled a comprehensive list of the leading city-based test beds for 5G and smart cities spanning 6 use cases themes.

As part of our Hyper-Connected Data Rich City project, the White Paper outlines best practices and lessons learned for demonstrator projects. Showing readers the best ways of capturing value from public and private investment to inform the next generation of projects.

City-based test beds aim to de-risk the development and scaling-up of solutions and services that are not yet ready for the mainstream market by providing safe environments for experimentation and innovation. The project has identified prominent large-scale smart city demonstrators both within the UK and internationally.

These demonstrators fall into the following market verticals: city services, smart utilities, smart healthcare, connected and autonomous vehicles, last mile supply chain and logistics, and next-generation connectivity and data.

Using this research as a base, we selected a subset of demonstrators and test beds and conducted 40 in-depth interviews with representatives and industry experts to uncover challenges, lessons learned and best practice.

This report aims to:

  • Provide a view of the global smart city demonstrator landscape
  • Identify trends with regards to aims, scale, funding sources, use-cases and locations of demonstrators
  • Analyse common challenges experienced by demonstrators across a range of market verticals
  • Discover and share what lessons have been learned during the planning, delivery and management phases of previous demonstrators
  • Highlight innovative ways in which demonstrators have overcome the challenges they have experienced

It is hoped that this piece of research will help future demonstrators overcome challenges encountered by those before them and deliver an acceleration to commercialisation for highly innovative UK businesses.

You can download the paper here.

For more information about Hyper-Connected Data Rich City, visit our project page.

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