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PlanTech Week

Building on the Catapult’s Future of Planning programme, we have curated a week-long series of free lectures, networking events and interactive installations that will debate and showcases the tweaks and transformations that technology is enabling in the planning system.

PlanTech Week (12 – 16 June) is a showcase for the emerging technologies, innovations and visions that are transforming the way we plan our cities, towns and neighbourhoods.

Since October 2016, the Future Cities Catapult has been exploring how digital innovation, urban data, and user-centred design can improve the UK planning system. We believe that the adoption of technologies such as machine learning, augmented reality and IoT, can improve the responsiveness and efficiency of planning and transform how citizens engage with the the planning system.

Future Cities Catapult have been working with SMEs, planning authorities and the market to begin prototyping the future planning system.  Our exhibition space will be showcasing the emerging products, services and experiments that have emerged from the first seven months of the Future of Planning programme.

From 12 – 16 June, we invite you to join us at the Urban Innovation Centre to explore the ideas and technologies driving the growing #PlanTech revolution.

Agenda for the week:

Monday, 12 June (13.00 – 14.00): Lunchtime Panel – Digital Citizen Engagement to immersive Co-design

Tuesday, 13 June (12.30 – 13.30): Lunchtime Panel – Can we Measure the Quality of Place?

Wednesday, 14 June (12.30 – 13.30): Lunchtime Panel – Developers in the Age of Big Data and AI

Thursday, 15 June (18.00 – 21.00): Third Thursday and PlanTech Exhibition Launch

Friday, 16 June (09.00 – 17.00): ‘PlanTech Innovators Showcase‘  and ‘A beginner’s Introduction to Data Visualisation

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