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Can IoT improve wayfinding for cyclists?

21st May 2015

Five prototypes, displayed in a new research film from Future Cities Catapult explore ‘user experiences' for cyclists as part of the Connected Streets project.

The Futures Team at Future Cities Catapult, led by Project Lead Claire Mookerjee, is exploring how five existing or near-future technologies could support wayfinding, route choices and the safety of cyclists on London’s road network.

These five ideas explore how the Internet of Things might compliment existing cycle infrastructure to make cycling in London a more pleasant experience for all citizens.

Supporting the UK in growing an industry for the Internet of Things is a key priority for Future Cities Catapult, which was recently announced as a partner in the delivery of a new government run Internet of Things test bed.

Claire Mookerjee, Project Lead at Future Cities Catapult said:

“The Internet of Things will change the everyday experience of our streets just as technologies through history have changed how we move, navigate and map our street network. IoT will support increased interactivity with our surroundings. We’ll be living in fully responsive streets.

“Head-up displays, connected bike accessories and new responsive signage offer really interesting opportunities to develop and build our own human abilities to read and navigate the city, rather than replace those skills.”

There are already exciting researchers, innovators and companies working on this challenge in the UK. Tom Armitage’s ‘Colomba‘ for the London’s cycle share scheme is a prototype homing device for London’s cycle scheme and ‘Blaze’ has developed a new throw-projection light for bikes.

Next Steps

This is as ongoing piece of work for Future Cities Catapult and we want to hear from you if you’re a researcher, innovator or work in the public sector on improving the experience of cycling in cities.

Get in touch with us via twitter @FutureCitiesCat, or using the hashtag #NUXcycling. You can also email Cmookerjee@futurecities.catapult.org.uk

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