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Lunchtime Lecture - 'Global City Network: Smart Commuting Edition'

Future Cities Catapult welcomes Red Ninja for a lunchtime lecture highlighting our work on the visualisation of real time bus passenger movement in Belo Horizonte in Brazil.


Join Future Cities Catapult and learn how our partner Red Ninja’s iSensing solution enhanced and improved the end-to-end user journey experience of Belo Horizonte bus services.

This lunchtime lecture will include:

A showcase of the use of iSensing in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

  • An example of a collaborative way to approach the issue of overcrowding on buses and long wait times at bus stops, the two greatest issues impacting people’s daily commute.
  • A discussion surrounding the current mobility needs in South America and mobility challenges in the UK.
  • A look at how this collaborative approach is opening up other opportunities in South America.

This will be followed by a live demonstration of the iSensing technology.


Harvey Beilinsohn, iSensing Global Partnership Director.

Harvey manages the development of the sensor product portfolio, which is deployed in locations across the globe. Harvey uses his experience in radio planning, business analysis and infrastructure to answer challenges set by public and private sector organisations in a data-driven, interconnected world

James Noakes, Liverpool Mayoral Lead for Energy and Smart Cities.
James is also a Liverpool City Councillor, Industrial Liaison Manager and an advocate of people, technology and ideas in the Smart City space.

This event is for those currently working in, or interested in, Smart Cities and its surrounding technology, including but not limited to: local authorities, city planners, transport authorities, tourism authorities, waste collection services, technology developers, researchers, academics.

Learn more about Future Cities Catapult partners:

Red Ninja Studios

Red Ninja Studios is an award winning design-led technology company, developing cutting edge human-centred software and hardware solutions. Red Ninja works on both local and global projects with local and national governments, creating innovative solutions with lasting impact across health, transport, education, low carbon, and culture.


iSensing is a Red Ninja Studios venture, using an Internet of Things platform to enable city planners, local government, transport authorities, tourism authorities and waste collection services to visualise citizen movement and make deliberate decisions on Smart City and Transport planning.

iSensing has been successfully deployed in Spain, UK, Brazil and now has an ambitious goal for global expansion.


Picture credits: Belo Horizonte, Ronaldo Almeida |

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