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GeoTrends Masterclass: Sustainable Living & Natural Environment


Businesses can’t predict the future, but they can understand how drivers of change lead to new customer opportunities. Welcome to the expectation economy. This masterclass, delivered by leading global trend spotting agency TrendWatching, will give you a toolkit to understand how long-term trends and short-term triggers result in emerging customer expectations you can exploit.

  • You’ll learn the difference between a trend and a fad (the workshop doesn’t deal with fads).
  • You’ll discover how marketing and advertising from large companies can point to what trends are emerging, better than asking customers directly.
  • You’ll explore how 16 categories of megatrends often work in combination to affect the trends that will drive the market for your innovation.
  • You’ll dig into some specific trends and case studies in the sustainable living and natural environment space that a worldwide network of trendwatchers have identified (although the masterclass will still be relevant if you work outside that space).
  • You’ll apply the trend canvas and other tools to unpack the expectations of your own customers.

Basic human needs don’t change, but the expectations your customers have do. If you can design an innovation to target emerging customer expectations, you are likely to be in a position to meet emerging demand and build a profitable company. Understanding the drivers that make your innovation relevant will also help you raise investment, and explain the importance of your business to key stakeholders.

Also: when attending, you are eligible of winning TrendWatching’s ‘bible’ Trend Driven Innovation, which will enable you to embed tested and approved frameworks into your own ideas, products and services for innovation – and all for free.

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