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MASSIVE SMALL Symposium: Urban Development from the Ground Up


A full day event for anyone interested in how cities work. Learn how we can harness smallness in our interventions to achieve deep systemic change in the built environment.

The event features a series of focused 15-minute talks followed by open dialogues from leading urban practitioners sharing the greatest lessons they have learned.

Speakers include:

– Urban thought leader Kelvin Campbell, creator of Massive Small theory

– Noted TED Speaker Alastair Parvin, co-creator of Wikihouse

Darshana Gothi Chauhan, creator of the 100 Massive Small Spaces Project, India

– Inspirational facilitator Chris McCormick

Find out how they work in a ‘Massive Small’ way to achieve better outcomes in their projects, and learn how you can apply this method in your practice.

Massive Small is also about the kind of leadership, communication and negotiation needed to work effectively in the complexity of the built environment. To investigate this in a playful way, join us in the evening for drinks and an interactive ‘Forum Theatre’ workshop, where actors will play out scenarios that many will relate to, based on our publication ‘The Radical Incrementalist’.

Tickets are on sale via Eventbrite.

You can book tickets for the morning (10am-4.30pm) and the evening workshop (4.30pm- 8pm) or the entire day.

*** Receive a 15% discount on your ticket fee using the code “unleashthesmall” ***

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