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Fictional Town Hall Meeting on Robotics/AI in our Cities


Future Cities Catapult is organising and hosting this event as part of Service Design Fringe Festival.

In this fictional Town Hall meeting, we look at a planning proposal and imagine that robotics/AI have taken over the essential services of our cities. The format will involve:

  • Four speakers present the advantages as well as the negative aspects of robotics/AI in our cities
  • All speakers will explore how robotics/AI could impact our future experiences, relationships and values

The purpose of the meeting is to decide whether the (fictional) planning proposal should be approved or rejected.

After each talk, both sides of the town hall will discuss the issues presented and ask the speakers questions. Throughout the evening, the audience will discuss the pros and cons of the proposal and will make the final decision by vote.

Both events are aimed at a diverse audience; from graduates, students, junior service designers to techies and professional practitioners.

The speakers are:

  • Anastasia Vikhornova, Designer – Researcher, Future Cities Catapult
  • Charlie Moloney, Journalist at Access AI
  • Becky Jones, Specialist in Emerging Technologies, Founder at Bektio
  • Euan Mills, Urban Futures Team Lead at Future Cities Catapult



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