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Conscious Cities Conference No 2 - Bridging Neuroscience, Architecture, and Technology

“What is the city but the people?” William Shakespeare.


Conscious Cities is pleased to announce Conscious Cities Conference No 2 - Bridging Neuroscience, Architecture, and Technology, a conference that explores the intersection between neuroscience and the built environment.

This one-day conference brings together academic expertise and industry professionals to develop a greater understanding of these challenges. We are bringing together neuroscientists, engineers, developers, architects and technologists who are already encouraging the creation of better cities, which are responsive to human needs.

Keynote lectures will be delivered by:

  • Neuroscientist, Colin Ellard, is a professor at the University of Waterloo and author of Places of the Heart: The Psychogeography of Everyday Life. Colin researches how the organisation and appearance of natural and built spaces affects movement, wayfinding, emotion and physiology.
  • Architect, Matthias Hollwich, is the co-founder and principal at Hollwich Kushner that seeks to facilitate unique emotional bonds that form between people and their built environment. Each project is an opportunity to inspire and provide future social, cultural and economic value for the communities they join. Matthias is also the author of New Aging: Live Smarter Now to Live Better Forever, which is devoted to finding ways in which we can shape our living spaces and communities to make again a fulfilling aspect of life.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Hugo Spiers: Neuroscientist and Reader in Neuroscience, Head of Spiers Lab (UCL Spatial Cognition Group)
  • Prof Kate Jeffery: Neuroscientist and Founder of Behaviour Neuroscience Laboratory (UCL)
  • Juliette Morgan: Partner in the Global Technology Practice at Cushman & Wakefield; Founding member of London’s tech city team for the UK government; Co-developer of Europe’s first prop-tech accelerator PiLabs.
  • Prof Nick Tyler: Chadwick Professor of Civil Engineering at UCL and Pro-Provost, East and South Asia.
  • Prof Moshe Bar: Neuroscientist and director of the Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center at Bar-Ilan University and professor at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Prof Ruth Dalton: Professor of Building Usability and Visualisation, Head of Department of Architecture and the Built Environment at Northumbria University. As a licensed architect, she has worked for Foster and Partners (London) and Sheppard Robson Corgan Architects (London)
  • Dr Tasos Varoudis: Architect, Computational Analyst and Computing Engineer at UCL
  • Scott Cain: Chief Business Officer of Future Cities Catapult

Conscious Cities will address four different themes, with leading experts reviewing, analysing and responding to the following:

  • What does Neuroscience teach us about the built environment?
  • How can we use high technology in the built environment?
  • Creating conscious design: How does behavioural insight affect architecture and planning?
  • Building a Conscious City: The role of governance and industry

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