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Catch! Showcase

Graham Hanson, ITS Policy Lead, Traffic and Technology Division, at the Department for Transport will be keynote speaker at this event


New sources of data are changing the way transport systems are designed and operated. In several countries, we have seen that this is disrupting everything from customer expectations to how local authorities make data-driven strategic planning and policy decisions.

Key focus areas of Catch! event:

  • Next generation travel data to inform decision-making for Local Authorities and transport professionals
  • Harnessing the power of crowdsourced multi-modal data to reveal travel behaviour
  • Active management of travel journeys through enhanced journey planning
  • Anonymization techniques to protect personal data

Catch! is a £2m collaborative R&D project that brings together high growth SMEs, leading research centres and 5 forward thinking Local Authorities in the UK to launch a prototype, state-of-the-art real-time, crowdsourcing data service to provide transport professionals with next-generation data to solve transport problems.

This showcase will offer you the opportunity to understand the challenges faced by Local Authorities and see how, through Catch’s highly-scalable system, travel-behaviour data can be crowdsourced, analysed and acted upon in real time. This granular, multi-modal data helps to better understand existing infrastructure use and citizen demands and deliver more accessible, timely and cost-effective services. This in turn brings economic, environmental and societal benefits to the wider community.

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