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SMEs and Start-ups

Events and Workshops

The future cities market is complex so we’ve developed a program of events to help inform and inspire small and medium-sized companies about the latest topics, trends and opportunities in the world of urban innovation.

Wednesday Lunchtime Lecture
Our weekly series of urban innovation talks is a great way to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the sector. A rolling calendar sees industry experts, special visitors and Future Cities Catapult staff give talks on emerging trends, innovative ideas and new ways of thinking every single week.

Coffee Mornings
These short events provide a chance to ask questions about specific topics — anything from developing a pitch for the next Smart City Expo to the finer details of a project we’re looking for help with. Over coffee and a couple of hours, expect some short presentations and chance to ask all the questions you can think of.

Our workshops are the perfect way for SMEs to develop new knowledge, skills and capabilities. Through a full or half day of presentations and activities, you’ll be guided through a specific area of Future Cities Catapult expertise — from applying for EU funding to creating data visualisations — by a mixture of internal staff and external experts.

Cities Immersion Day
Our immersion days are an intensive introduction to understanding the cities market. With presentations about current trends, interactive workshops, inspirational talks from successful urban SMEs, and the chance to network with potential investors and clients, you’ll leave with new ideas and understanding about how you can make the most of urban innovation opportunities.

Speed Networking
These rapid-fire events bring together carefully selected investors and clients face-to-face with SMEs for an intense session of pitching. Over two hours you can expect to pitch your innovation as many as ten times, receiving feedback, advice, contacts information and potentially even investment along the way. We run different networking sessions for SMEs at different stages of their product development and carefully hand-pick organisations for the sessions based on the specific theme of each event.

Third Thursday
Our invitation-only networking event brings together a different selection of people from across the industry every month. You can expect city officials, academics, engineers and especially SMEs to attend, identifying opportunities to make cities better in an informal setting.

One-to-One Sessions
Expert staff from Future Cities Catapult are always happy to help SMEs. Whether you simply want to learn more about how Future Cities Catapult works, have specific questions about how you can become involved with our projects, or simply need some advice, these short explanatory or mentorship sessions are bound to help.

Urban Innovation Showcase
Here’s a chance to show off what you do to people that matter. Through the year, we organise a series of showcase events which provide SMEs with the chance to demonstrate their product or service to cities, corporations and other industry stakeholders. In the process, you’ll raise your profile and potentially find new customers and investment.

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