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Urban Strategies

Understanding trends, technologies and what cities and business can learn from them.

With so many competing visions for the future, it can be difficult for cities to decide which strategy is the right one to design and implement. To guide their thinking, we can help them investigate new technologies and better understand these uncertainties.


Cities are often unsure of where they should focus their efforts to incorporate new ways of doing things, or they may have concerns about the direction of their current urban strategies. As impartial conveners, we are able to offer dispassionate advice and guidance to help you find the right strategic focus for your city or city product.


To support the design and delivery of new strategies, we are able to draw upon experts in ethnography, user design and data science who can build a rounded picture of your city’s challenges and opportunities. We complement this with the knowledge of our Urban Futures team who provide a unique perspective on city trends.


One of the key ways in which a city can develop an impactful approach to its future is by focusing on a smaller number of priority projects and activities. We can help cities to develop roadmaps that identify strategy for these activities, and then combine data and technology expertise to help them integrate, optimise and accelerate their deployment.


With a strategy in place, we can help cities make sense of the wide range of possible city solutions that they could use to implement their plans. We can provide impartial advice about the most effective products and services – both off-the-shelf and bespoke – in order to help cities make the most effective use of their investments.

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