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Development of early working versions of products and services, with a focus on user experience and interface design.

Developing new city products and services is difficult. It’s hard to predict how people will respond to them and how they will use them. It’s also hard to know what combination of features should be included and which excluded. To better predict and avoid the costly problems that might surface in a finished product or service, we can help you prototype your solution and gather feedback on its application.

Early-stage prototyping

Early stage prototypes of urban solutions enable you to test the assumptions made in creating a product and surface barriers to developing its overall value proposition. We can help you build early-stage prototypes and take into account the city context for which they’re developed.

Later-stage prototyping

Later, prototypes can guide the detailed design of the product or service through to a commercially viable product. We can work with you and your existing designs to test how additional functionality could affect their usability and market viability.

Broad making capabilities

Our prototypes can take many forms: simple or complex, detailed or broad, electronic or physical, paper-based or digital. Our knowledge of urban technologies allows us to help you choose which format and level of complexity is best suited to your needs, then generate the relevant prototypes.


Prototypes alone are of limited use. Before going to market, a product or service needs to be tested by typical end-users who can provide feedback on its strengths and weaknesses. To gain these insights, we can help you perform detailed user research and testing that will allow you to iterate your design and develop a better solution.

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