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Performance in Use

Future Cities Catapult – in partnership with leading UK and US universities – has developed the Performance in Use (PIU) toolkit as a practical guide for conducting impact assessment for urban innovation projects.

Our aim is to help practitioners: (1) prospectively appraise potential impacts of planned interventions; and (2) retrospectively evaluate the actual impact and effectiveness of deployed solutions. Relevant guidebooks are referenced for further discussion (for example the Green Book, issued by HM Treasury).

By applying the PIU toolkit practitioners can:

  • Increase project effectiveness and credibility by conducting an impact mapping exercise
  • Conduct a systematic and rigorous impact assessment analysis irrespective of industry and technology
  • Benefit from guidance on how economic, environmental and social impacts are measured
  • Learn how to integrate economic, environmental and social impacts to aid decision-making or to communicate overall impacts more effectively
  • Develop an effective strategy for capturing and articulating anticipated benefits and for de-risking the project by conducting sensitivity analysis

We recognise that developing an impact assessment methodology for a fast changing sector such as the urban innovation space means our toolbox will need periodic updates. This document represents the start of an open-ended process. As the toolkit is applied to different categories of project across multiple contexts, fresh insights and ‘lessons learned’ will be captured in our evidence base and used to refine future iterations of this PIU toolkit.

For more information, please speak to the Impact Assessment Team at the Future Cities Catapult.

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