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Insights and Service Design

Making products and services work better for cities and their citizens.

Services are an increasingly important aspect of cities and their economies as we move from ownership to usership. We can help you apply a range of service design methodologies to ensure that your products and processes engage with the hearts and minds of citizens and cities.

User Research

Useful products and effective services are designed with their user in mind. Through a process of qualitative interviews with end users and stakeholders, we can help you identify pain-points and opportunities that will help inspire and bring greater value to your designs. We can craft design principles that will inspire service quality and the outcomes of its delivery.

User Journeys

Services are experienced over time, through a series of physical and digital touch-points. Using ethnographic research, we can help you visualise existing user journeys, which can be used to inspire future services that work for multiple users in a variety of contexts.


Co-created services provide a better experience for their users. Through a visual process of interactive workshops and deep dive brainstorms, we can bring together a diverse range of stakeholders to explore problems and generate insights and ideas – ultimately leading to the development of more effective products and services. It also helps to address the complex system challenges of delivering services.

Service Prototyping

Service design can test its ideas through prototypes at different levels of fidelity to understand interactions with real users and get real-time feedback. We can help you design suitable prototypes – which can vary from digital wireframes and storyboard, to object and films – and then test them in real urban spaces.

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