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Convening and Dissemination

Bringing together expertise and knowledge, sharing insights and best practice.

City problems are too complex for single organisations to solve. We have a large network of partners to help you create new contacts and float and critique ideas. We also apply the best methods from the design and communications industry to refine and disseminate findings, successes and best practice – online, in our networks and with our collaborators.


Understanding city problems requires careful deliberation of a wide range of stakeholder views. As part of designing and delivering major projects we can help you convene individuals and organisations to identify major challenges, crucial features and key outputs.

Conferences and Events

We feature prominently across an international network of future city and smart city events and conferences. We have excellent speakers and develop strong, design-led content for all of the events we speak at – sharing information on our projects.

Surgeries and Workshops

We have a diverse team with deep and wide-ranging expertise – and we want to share it. We regularly run open-floor or one-to-one advice sessions and workshops focussed on specific problems, where our experts and guest specialists help businesses and city leaders.

Online Communication

We have a team of developers and designers who are experts in user-interface design. They bring our user-centred approach into the design of web content and can develop material that will help good ideas reach a wide audience.

Story-Telling Through Film

Films can help bring an abstract or technical idea to life, so that a wide range of stakeholders can discuss and interrogate. We use film to document, tell stories, prototype and speculate the future. We also use it to share insights from research, to build networks around a project though interview, and develop and hone cross-industry links.

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