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City Standards

Developing new standards for urban innovation to help the market grow.

Future city standards and frameworks are complex and often lack consensus. Working with the British Standards Institution, we’ve created the Cities Standards Institute to help cities, companies and SMEs create, navigate and test new standards, driving consistent adoption and strong economic growth.

Consortia Building

The Cities Standards Institute brings together UK and international city leaders, key industry leaders and SMEs, working with experts from all organisations to define the future of smart city standards. This consortium is driving the development of a coherent set of standards that accelerate the growth of the future cities market in the UK and globally.

Demand-Driven Market Creation

A number of barriers in shaping the smart cities market – such as the necessity for ambitious business cases that drive the smart city agenda forward – have already been identified by the institute members. In addition, there is a need for building an ecosystem of new service models using data. This means that issues around data sharing become key to enabling interoperability and breaking down market islands. The Institute is currently working to overcome many issues such as these.

Market Shaping

As the price of digital technologies falls, market forces will drive their adoption, enabling the more efficient delivery of infrastructure and city services. However, there is a need to shape the market to ensure the right conditions are created for innovation through citizen and business engagement. In order to achieve this objective, the CSI is addressing market barriers to ensure the right engagement is in place with UK government forums, European and international activities.

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