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Things Connected

Things Connected

Things Connected is an innovation support programme, designed to help UK businesses explore how LPWAN and LoRaWAN can be used to solve city challenges.

Things Connected aims to provide start-ups, small businesses and developers with better access to LPWAN networks and encourage the creation and deployment of new sensors, connected devices, applications and services. This will hopefully foster the emergence of a strong UK based LPWAN ecosystem and ensure that London is open and ready to innovate with IoT.

Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) are a relatively new network technology, which provide connectivity for vast numbers of devices over long distances, whilst using very little energy. This technology has the potential to enable a new wave of Internet of Things (IoT) applications at a much lower cost than previously possible. A Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) is used to manage the communication between LPWAN gateways.

The Future Cities Catapult worked with the Digital Catapult to launch an open call in Autumn 2016, where start-ups, small businesses and developers were invited to submit their proposals for projects that could address specific city challenges and test the LoRa network. Six projects were selected and were awarded funding to run their experiments across the LoRa network from January to April 2017. During the experimentation period, experimenters attended clinics to learn more about the city context, received networking and technical support from the Things Connected team and provided feedback on the LoRa network. This feedback is now being incorporated into improving the Things Connected testbed.

You can learn more about the six experiments by clicking on the icons below:


The Things Connected LoRaWAN network will initially cover the London area. The network is not built for commercial purposes, but rather, for testing and trialling new ideas (subject to registration). Once developed, these innovations could be launched on one of the commercial networks covering the UK today.

Things Connected is a collaborative project between the Future Cities Catapult, the Digital Catapult, BT, Everynet, Beecham Research, AllThingsTalk, BRE, Imperial College London, King’s College London, UCL and Queen Mary University of London. To learn more about LoRa certified products and specifications, visit the LoRa Alliance website.

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