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OrganiCity is a service for experimentation, which explores how citizens, businesses and city authorities can work together to create digital solutions to urban challenges.

What is OrganiCity?

Funded by the European Commission, OrganiCity is a three-year, collaborative research project, based in Aarhus, London and Santander. The project aims to explore how ‘Experimentation as a Service’ could enable city stakeholders to co-create digital solutions to their urban challenges.

‘Experimentation as a Service’ is an ideology, which proposes that local authorities could expand their remit beyond waste collection, road management and transport, etc., to provide a service for people to experiment. This would allow anyone in a city to collaborate and test their ideas in short sprints and at a small scale.

This approach to experimentation enables ideas to be prototyped, tested and observed in a real-life urban setting, allowing you to quickly learn what does and doesn’t work. If something doesn’t work, you can either stop or iterate, and if something does work, you can easily scale up to a wider area. Either way, ‘Experimentation as a Service’ ensures that the whole city benefits from the learnings of these experiments.

Now in its third year, OrganiCity has already supported 26 experiments and distributed a total of €800,000 to help develop its ‘Experimentation as a Service’ framework.

As civic participation and co­-creation are considered by the project as an equally important component of future cities as technology solutions, €1.8m, one quarter of the entire budget, is reserved directly for citizen-­driven experiments.

And so the stage is being set for cooperation and participation, for collaborative city experiments developed with, and at the initiative of, citizen groups, organisations, authorities and companies.

Our Partners

Alexandra Institute

Imperial College London

TST Sistemas

Luleå University of Technology

CTI “Diophantus”

University of Lüebeck

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives

University of Cantabria

Aarhus Municipality

Santander Municipality

University of Melbourne

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