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Logic of Innovation Locations

Logic of Innovation Locations

Across the globe, municipal governments, landowners, planners and developers are seizing the momentous opportunities presented by innovation and disruption in advanced, high growth industries.

In over 100 cities worldwide, buildings and districts are already being designated future centres of innovation within the urban, regional or national economy. And more and more cities are catching on to this trend.

Yet not all cities have the assets, ecosystem or expertise to make a new location for innovation work. This report draws on the recent experience of more than 30 cities around the world in order to understand the demand preconditions, the location requirements, and the interventions or catalysts that enable cities to host innovation economies successfully across different formats and scales.

In this report you will find:

  • Case studies and lessons learned from different types of innovation location, based on a global study
  • Frameworks to assess whether an innovation location or centre will succeed in your region/city
  • Frameworks to assess what kind of innovation location could work in your region/city

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