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Future Cities Catapult Launches CiSCA UK

Future Cities Catapult Launches CiSCA UK

Future Cities Catapult is launching a new service designed to support cities and businesses as they seek to become ever smarter.

The Cities Standards Conformity Assessment, or CiSCA, is currently a pilot certification scheme consisting of an assessment programme and an accreditation training programme.

CiSCA is an opportunity for cities to test the quality of their smart city agendas and roadmaps against UK standards. Businesses can use the service to prove the quality of their smart-city products and solutions against UK standards. And consultants and entrepreneurs will be able to get credentials to accredit using CiSCA methods.

CiSCA UK uses the British Standards Institution (BSI) Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) on smart cities which include standards for smart city frameworks and strategies (BSI PAS 181), smart city concept models (BSI PAS 182) and, once published it will also use the standards on smart city information services (BSI PAS 183) and smart city project proposals (BSI PAS 184)

This new service will improve the smartness, resilience and sustainability of cities by providing evidence of the quality of implementation of city standards.

Currently on offer from CiSCA are:

  1. One day workshops with cities and businesses to be tested against existing UK city standards to earn a certification on the quality of their implementations and strategies
  2. Twelve-hour courses for consultants and entrepreneurs to gain accreditation credentials to certify cities and businesses using CiSCA methods

When asked about this new initiative, Dr Luisa Marsal-Llacuna, Cities Standards Manager at Future Cities Catapult said “There are many different definitions of what it means to be a ‘smart’ city. Through standards, we can create common definitions and shared requirements that cities and businesses must achieve before they can be called truly smart.”

She continued “This new service will help cities and businesses familiarise themselves with the standards and, more importantly, prove that they achieve them.”

For more information and to get involved contact Matt Wood-Hill.

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