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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

The electrification of transport is now a certainty. Advancement in battery technologies has brought within reach the large-scale adoption of batteries as the power source for automotive and transport applications. Electrification of transport will also be a major contributor to the achievement of our climate change and clean air goals.

While electric vehicle performance continues to improve, consumer acceptance and therefore wide scale adoption will be dependent on delivering an excellent user experience to owners/operators. Electric vehicles must deliver this excellent experience in our cities and to the end users. This will require our cities and systems to evolve and accommodate the changing needs of users and those that provide services to users across every aspect of a vehicle’s operation. From the electricity supplier providing the power to charge the battery, to the car park provider catering for electric vehicles and from the service station operators needing to review their business models to the local authority planning our infrastructure, each of these groups will have developed a view of the impending changes from their own perspective, from looking through their own ‘lens’.

We need to gather an understanding of how things are today and where we believe they will need to be in the future to deliver an excellent user experience.

The Future Cities Catapult, together with colleagues from across the Catapult network, have embarked on a programme of work funded by Innovate UK to identify the ‘lenses’ and consult with key stakeholders. If we are to do this successfully we need your support and contribution to identify what is needed for the future so that we can develop proposals for Government to consider and create the support programmes for those that want to develop and deliver innovative solutions.

This will open up the opportunity for innovative new technology solutions, services and business models applicable to a global market place. It is therefore essential that the UK quickly positions itself not only to ensure the successful and rapid adoption of electrified transport in the UK but also to take full advantage of what will be a massive global business opportunity.

If you would like to participate and contribute to our research either by phone or by participating in a workshop held at Future Cities Catapult on 6th March please contact Greg Yiangou, Urban Mobility Researcher at GYiangou@futurecities.catapult.org.uk

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