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Cities Standards Institute

Cities Standards Institute

A collaboration between Future Cities Catapult and the British Standards Institution (BSI) is accelerating the development of standards for smart cities.

The Cities Standards Institute (CSI) brings together cities, businesses, academia and innovators to identify the common challenges that cities face, find ways to overcome those issues and introduce standards and common approaches to help guide the evolution of future cities.

The standards and approaches we develop are guided by the needs of cities. They create a point of reference to inform relationships with prospective suppliers in pursuit of better services and solutions.


BSI’s sponsored standards are known as Publicly Available Specifications (PAS). They encompass specifications and guidelines needed to meet an immediate market need. So far, the collaboration of FCC and BSI has yielded two standards: PAS 181 (Smart City Framework – Guide to establishing strategies for smart cities and communities); and PAS 182 (Smart city concept model – Guide to Establishing a Model for Data Interoperability).

Building on PAS 180, which developed a ‘smart cities vocabulary’, PAS 181 distils current good practices into a set of consistent and repeatable patterns that city leaders can emulate, as they develop and deliver their own smart-city strategies. It focuses on the enabling processes by which innovative uses of technology and data can, together with organisational changes, make future cities more efficient, effective and sustainable.

PAS 182 is aimed at breaking down barriers to putting smart-city concepts into practice. It tackles ways in which city authorities can make systems interoperable and facilitate data sharing between agencies. By setting a standard way for organising information, it aims to help businesses create the right datasets and get the most out of the data available to them.

There are currently two standards under development in association with the BSI: PAS 183 (Smart cities – Guide to establishing a decision-making framework for sharing data and information services) and PAS 184 (Smart Cities – Guide to developing project proposals for delivering smart city solutions). These will be published in early 2017.

CSI is growing and welcomes new members for a series of standardisation challenges in 2017. Contact Matt Wood-Hill if you would like to find out more.

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