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City Initiatives for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

City Initiatives for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

CITIE is a tool for city governance to help them develop policy that catalyses innovation and entrepreneurship in cities.

The CITIE project is the product of a partnership between Nesta, Accenture and Future Cities Catapult. CITIE provides city policymakers with a resource to support the development of policy initiatives to catalyse innovation and entrepreneurship in cities.

The framework comprises four main components:

  1. A framework for understanding how policy in nine key areas at the city level can be used to support innovation and entrepreneurship.
  1. A diagnostic tool that allows cities to understand how they perform against this framework relative to 40 global cities.
  1. A range of examples and case studies that highlight best practice from around the world.
  1. The results and analysis for 2015.

The CITIE framework was developed by combining extensive consultation with city government leaders, policy experts, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs with detailed research into the state of the art in policy from cities around the world.

CITIE is designed to be used by policymakers in cities. To the greatest extent possible it focuses on those policy levers that city governments have at their disposal, although this varies from place to place.

One of the framework’s key findings highlight how the world’s most successful cities function like startups, rather than bureaucracies. To explore outcomes like this, the project includes an innovative data visualisation methodology that allows cities to use the project like a diagnostic tool, helping them understand how they perform compared to 40 global cities.

For more information about the project or how to explore the visual diagnostic tool, visit www.citie.org.

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