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Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte

A new report from Future Cities Catapult, funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Prosperity Fund (Brazil), identifies urban challenges in Belo Horizonte. It explores their root causes and seeks to identify examples of technologies from the UK that could help to tackle them.

Four key challenges were identified following in-depth discussions with project stakeholders across the Brazilian city. These were:

  1. Overcrowding on public transport
  2. Lack of infrastructure to support innovation
  3. High levels of road accidents, and
  4. The safety of people illegally occupying high crime and environmental risk areas.

The report recommends ‘intelligent infrastructure’ solutions from that UK that could be used to address each challenge. Take overcrowding on public transport. The report looks at initiatives in London and elsewhere in the UK that could be implemented in Belo Horizonte.

“On some bus routes in London, passenger occupancy is monitored using pre-existing onboard CCTV cameras. The video footage generated from the bus CCTV system is analysed to identify current seat occupancy and thereby the location of available seats. When new passengers get on the bus, they are guided to available seats and encouraged to make the most of the space. The information is also useful for transport operators to monitor user behaviour on board the buses and for future mobility service planning.”

Included alongside the potential solutions are breakdowns of the main stakeholders to be considered and consulted with to develop potential projects. Summaries of the potential impacts are also covered, including improved passenger experience and safety as well as non-disruptive installation in the case of the CCTV cameras to monitor passenger occupancy.

The project will not only help the city governance of Belo Horizonte to address infrastructure challenges but will also support UK SMEs in implementing solutions to address them.

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