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Urban Innovation Centre to Host 'Run Hack'

Future Cities Catapult has today (30 May) announced the first ever ‘Run Hack London 2017’ hosted at their Urban Innovation Centre in London. The two-day hackathon will explore cutting edge tech and design techniques to make cities more run-friendly by inspiring, prototyping and developing new ideas, services, products and policies.

RunHack will bring together running enthusiasts, designers, data scientists, developers, investors, venture capitalists and members of the real estate industry to break down barriers to running within our growing cities.

Exploring technologies ranging from augmented reality to gaming engines, the hack aims to increase innovation and engage public policy around running within the context of cities.

Scott Cain, Chief Business Officer at Future Cities Catapult said:

“We’re delighted to be launching the first ever RunHack London 2017 at Future Cities Catapult. Running is a great passion of mine and is something that can improve the health and well-being of people of all ages who live in cities.

“This event will bring together the best minds in innovation, running and policy to come up with new and exciting ideas to make our cities more vibrant places to live in and create inclusive spaces where everyone can get involved with running”.

The event will run from Friday 2 – Saturday 3 June with a programme of sessions including developing, testing and prototyping ideas that will help more people to take-up running, and analysing the barriers to people running happily and safely in cities. RunHack contributors include:

  • Ben Barker from RunAnEmpire;
  • Sarah Drummond from Snook / cyclehack;
  • Alex Wrottesley and Max Stephan from Ordnance Survey / Geovation;
  • Musings from the property world from PWC Director and leader in real estate innovation, Gareth Lewis
  • Jeremy Leach, Chair of London Living Streets;
  • Tompian Platt, Head of Policy and Communications at Living Streets;
  • Joseph Tame, Tokyo-based run art originator

For more information about the event or how you can attend, click here.


For media opportunities around this event, or if you wish to attend, please contact Naomi Moore on nmoore@futurecities.catapult.org.uk.

RunHack is organised by:

  • Scott Cain is a run-commuter and active travel enthusiast. Scott loves cities, running, start-ups and data, never sure which he prefers or why: happily, RunHack looks to involve them all.
  • Andy Mead, run-commuter and ex-banking technologist, aiming to combine his passions for data and running to inspire others. Seeing joggers on the streets makes him smile.
  • Gareth Lewis, run-commuter and real estate expert, in search of more active travel-enabling facilities in cities.

The schedule is:

Friday, 2 June, 1pm – 6pm:

This session will gather rich insights about running in cities, and attendees will have access to a variety of data sets. It will look at the barriers to running happily, safely and with ease in cities; and develop ideas that tackle those barriers, innovatively.

Saturday, 3 June, 10am – 6pm:

This session will further develop, test and prototype ideas that help more people to run, culminating in pitching these concepts and actionable ideas to a judging panel of judges.

About Future Cities Catapult:

Future Cities Catapult exists to advance innovation, to grow UK companies, to make cities better. We bring together businesses, universities and city leaders so that they can work with each other to solve the problems that cities face, now and in the future. This means that we catalyse and apply innovations to grow UK business and promote UK exports.

From our Urban Innovation Centre in London, we provide world-class facilities and expertise to support the development of new products and services, as well as opportunities to collaborate with others, test ideas and develop business models.

We help innovators turn ingenious ideas into working prototypes that can be tested in real urban settings. Then, once they’re proven, we help spread them to cities across the world to improve quality of life, strengthen economies and protect the environment.

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About Catapult centres

The Catapult centres are a network of world-leading centres designed to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific areas and help drive future economic growth. The Catapults network has been established by Innovate UK. For more information, visit catapult.org.uk.

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