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€1M Funding for SMEs and Citizens to Solve Urban Challenges Using Tech

Future Cities Catapult have today (14 Jun) announced a €1M ‘OrganiCity’ Open Call to solve city challenges in London, Aarhus, and Santander using urban data.

Citizens, small businesses, universities and corporations are encouraged to apply for up to €60,000 per application, to create digital solutions to make cities better. This could be by capturing new data through sensors, using data visualisations, analysing through new algorhythms or merging datasets to uncover new information.

Entrants have 11 weeks to develop their proposals which must explore the use urban data, ranging from temperatures, pollution and traffic levels, to footfall, green space or even Twitter data.

Funded by the European Commission, OrganiCity encourages city leaders and local authorities to create a digital testbed that enables people to experiment in real-life urban settings, expanding beyond their traditional services such as waste collection and road management.

Nicola Yates, CEO at Future Cities Catapult, said:

“I’m very pleased to be launching this impressive funding opportunity that will unlock the enormous potential of urban data in our cities, and develop solutions to issues ranging from citizen engagement to air quality.

“Whether you’re a citizen, small business, university or a corporation, if you think you can use data to solve the challenges that cities face then I encourage you to take part in our Open Call.”

Martin Brynskov, Project Coordinator of OrganiCity said:

“Now in its third year, OrganiCity has supported 26 experiments and distributed a total of €800,000 on projects ranging from air quality, urban mobility, connecting communities and improving green spaces.

“We’re excited to launch this second Open Call which will support even more innovative ideas to co-create solutions to city challenges using urban data.”

The deadline for applications is 31st August. To apply, find out more, or to meet potential collaborators, visit www.organicity.eu/open-call.


Winners of the Open Call will be announced in Autumn 2017, and the experimentation phase will run from November 2017 – March 2018.

For Organicity networking and support events in Aarhus, London and Santander please check here: http://organicity.eu/resources-news/events/

Supporting imagery available at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5T6CNwA8ljac2ludVlWVzNKR3c

For media enquiries and supporting imagery please contact Naomi Moore at nmoore@futurecities.catapult.org.uk.

If you have any questions relating to the open call, please visit the forum here.

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