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Things Connected Open Call

Future Cities Catapult invites UK businesses to develop and demonstrate connected products in London using the Things Connected LoRa Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN). Through this open call, we aim to enable the innovative possibilities of connected devices using LPWAN to solve urban challenges.

The Catapult is intending to fund successful proposals for up to £10,000 using the “Things Connected” network in London to solve challenges around sustainability, urban mobility, connecting communities, healthy cities and urban planning. The focus of this competition is for new or existing products that could utilise LoRa to meet one of the challenge areas listed below. Business entities that are based in the UK can apply via submitting a proposal that can address one or more of the challenges using the LoRaWAN network. Successful applicants to this open call must be able to deploy their products in the greater London area for at least 3 weeks during the official demonstration period between the 6th February 2017 and 17th March 2017. The successful applicants will also need to capture their process so the findings can be compiled by us into a report at the end of the demonstration period and form part of a case study.

LPWANs including LoRa are relatively new network technologies that can provide connectivity to vast numbers of devices over long distances using very little energy. This technology offers disruptive potential to enable a new wave of Internet of Things (IoT) applications at a much lower cost than previously possible.

Things Connected is an innovation support programme that will ensure London is open and ready to innovate with IoT. There will not be any fees to use the Things Connected network for testing, prototyping and demonstration purposes and (subject to registration) product development, prototyping or demonstration. The programme will unlock the potential of low cost low energy communications networks and provide a testbed to support evolving IoT technologies in its roll out. The Catapult is unable to provide commercial service level agreements (SLAs) for use of the LoRaWAN.

Things Connected was launched in September 2016 by the Digital Catapult. Future Cities Catapult is exploring how it can be applied in the city to solve urban challenges. Things Connected is a collaboration between the Future Cities Catapult, BT, the Digital Catapult, Everynet, Beecham Research, AllThingsTalk, BRE, Imperial College London, King’s College London, UCL and Queen Mary University of London. The programme aims to empower digital startups and SMEs to embrace the opportunities of IoT, and help drive innovation. There is information on the LoRa alliance website about LoRa certified products and specifications.


We have identified some key challenge areas for cities. We are looking for proposals from companies with innovative new and existing products or services that can make use of the Things Connected LoRa network in London.  We want you to experiment with potential uses of LoRa at the core of technological innovation that addresses city issues and answer the challenges of sustainability, urban mobility, connecting communities, healthy cities and urban planning. We are interested in proposals that gather and use data to improve and generate discussions, ideas and support decision making and city processes.




How can we develop systems that cater to cities current needs and ensure that they fulfil the needs for future cities? We are looking for projects that make cities more sustainable. Does your proposal address social, environmental and/or economic issues to provide the balance needed to ensure the sustainability of cities?

Urban Mobility

The growth of cities creates a higher demand and pressure on our mobility systems. Solving these challenges will take a coordinated approach. How can connected devices and data be used to help frame the problem and find workable solutions? Is your potential solution long lasting and effective with regards to urban mobility?

Connecting Communities

Developing connected communities helps people feel included and supported within their communities. How can your proposal help Londoners feel involved within their communities? Can you effectively link communities and people that have similar goals or values across the city? Can you help increase well-being, equality and respect for diversity across citizens?


Healthy Cities

Using your solution as the basis, can the Internet of Things help public and environmental health in cities? This challenge can look at health from a personal, community or city level perspective to address solutions that make our city healthier.

Integrated Urban Planning

Meaningful data has an invaluable role in planning cities. It provides the ability to compare multiple perspectives and make better decisions by highlighting connections between the dynamic interconnected cities we live in.


Can your solutions enable urban planning to use connectivity effectively, find the best uses for meaningful data and join the different elements of the built environment?

The Prize

Up to 6 candidates will be chosen by an expert panel to deploy their solutions on the Things Connected network in London and will receive:


The Catapult will provide funding up to a maximum of £50,000 and intends to make awards of contract of up to a maximum of £10,000 for each successful candidate, the final awarded sum being based upon the evaluation of proposals by an expert panel. The funding will be used to develop and deploy the candidate’s solution using the Things Connected LoRaWAN in London


The successful candidates will get early access to the Things Connected LoRaWAN to demonstrate their product or service in London.


We will produce a case study of each of the successful candidate’s solution. You will also be invited to participate in our recurrent networking events and mingle with a wide range of influencers and market players. This is a chance for candidates to showcase their solutions to a broad network.

To Apply

Applications are invited though the F6S portal https://www.f6s.com/thingsconnected/apply. Applications will be shortlisted, and finalists will be invited to a presentation stage of the competition on the 18th of January to give a 10-minute presentation and answer any questions the evaluating panel may have. It is currently intended that all applicants will be informed of the outcome on 20th of January 2017. The demonstration period will take place between the 6 of February, and the 17 March and winners will be required to deploy their solution for at least three weeks within this period.

We will hold an open clinic and networking event for those interested in finding out more and meeting potential collaborators. More details of the clinic are provided below. We will also hold a drop-in clinic to answer any questions before the submission deadline in January. If you have any questions, please email Aline at thingsconnected@futurecities.catapult.org.uk. The deadline for clarification questions is the 6 January 2017.

Businesses interested in entering the competition are required to complete a short on-line application form before Thursday 12 January at 12 noon. The results will be announced on or around Friday 20 January 2017.

If you have any specific questions or for more information please contact Aline at thingsconnected@futurecities.catapult.org.uk

Apply Now

Open Call “Clinic” Event

The Things Connected open call is underway and we are delighted to offer face-to-face assistance in London as part of the application process.

Join us at London’s Urban Innovation Centre on Thursday 5 January 2017 to talk to one of the team and ask questions you have around the open call application.


Register for the Open Call Clinic.

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