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Capstone Challenge

Future Cities Catapult and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park are inviting UK businesses to showcase connected products and services in this exciting development district and park. Through this competition, we want to encourage healthier behaviours and increase well-being as part of the Olympic legacy. Health and wellbeing in our cities is a hot topic; it’s about more than just sport – people want to feel good.

We know there is a significant connection, especially in urban areas, between health, well-being, and happiness. We’re working with cities around the world to create connected healthy communities that enhance well-being and help people integrate physical activity into their daily lives.

As part of our “Capstone” project, we have worked with residents, workers and local stakeholders to uncover inspiring insights into real-life issues and opportunities. We would like to share this intelligence with your business so that you might offer answers to the challenges set out below.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and its surrounding locations are an ideal place to test new, community-focused technology interventions. It’s a fast-growing space with residential, commercial and cultural developments growing side by side. The areas around the park offer an opportunity for real impact due to the socio-economic situation and a prevalence of health issues among residents.

Open Call “Clinic” Event

If you are interested in applying based on the challenges stated below, we recommend you save the date to attend our Open Call Clinic on October 6, 11am -1pm at the Urban Innovation Centre in Farringdon, London. At this event, we will explain in greater detail the background to the open call challenges and answer your questions regarding the competition and application process. This will also be a great chance to meet other businesses, and our partners, who might wish to collaborate or offer assistance as part of a proposal.

Registration for the Open Call Clinic is now open here.


Future Cities Catapult is working on the “Capstone” project in close collaboration with the Intel Collaborative Research Institute (ICRI) in London, which includes Intel, University College London, and Imperial College London.

The vision of the Capstone Project is to deliver use case inspired research activity to demonstrate the compute fabric that will support the design of an urban Internet of Things at city scale. In particular, we are interested in resilient and reliable networks of things, and the technologies that enable the decentralised systems of our future IoT networks.

The ICRI living lab in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park explores the use of a variety of IoT devices (Genuino, Intel Edison, etc.) and networks (WIFI, LPWAN, BLE, etc.). Some of these networks may be available to support your deployment, while some datasets (e.g. microclimate weather data) may also be made available. The successful businesses in this competition will be required to cover time/costs of the integration overhead of any of these technologies for their deployment, the financial support awarded may be used to cover these costs.

The Challenges

We have identified some key challenge areas via our research with residents, visitors and other stakeholders in and around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We’re excited to hear about new apps, products, and services which might approach one or more of these challenge areas in new and innovative ways.

Accessibility And Exploration

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a dynamic place of constant change and development. This change can be confusing for visitors but also means there’s always something new to discover.

How might we use connected technologies to maintain good access to the park, keep people informed of changes to the park, and help visitors find great ways to exercise, relax and be healthy?


Safety And Security

It’s essential to a healthy lifestyle that people feel safe and secure in their city. Could innovations help people feel safer in the park, take care of each other, as well as enjoy the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park by day or night?

The park has been built both for people and for wildlife, with some areas deliberately dark and quiet. How can we help the public understand which areas are safest and most suitable for exploration and different activities?

Connecting With Nature

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a unique place where once industrial land has become a haven for nature and wildlife. Can your product or technology help people discover, explore and understand the wonder of this East London habitat?

How can we give Londoners the full benefits of this urban escape? Could the weather, the smells and the sounds of nature be the key to unlocking healthier lifestyles in the park?

There’s No One Size Fits All

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is for everyone, but every one of us is unique.

How can the park better help different people with diverse needs take the first steps on the journey towards a healthier lifestyle?

How can we connect people to the buzz of exercise, and inspire them to play and have fun within the growing community of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park?

When Life Gets In The Way

No matter who we are, our busy urban lives often prevent us getting adequate exercise or relaxation, and sometimes we don’t recognise the little changes that could make a difference.

How could the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park become part of everyday health for Londoners?

Could your product or service help kick start daily healthy habits that can become part of people’s lives?

Social Healthy Habits

Social isolation is a growing problem for people living in cities. At the same time, social activities come with a commitment to each other and a common goal.

Connecting with others is a vital part of health and wellbeing, so how can we foster healthy social activity, peer to peer encouragement and help connect new and old communities around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park?

The Prize


Join a specially hosted Networking Event at Future Cities Catapult featuring market stakeholders targeted for their relevance to the winning businesses.

Participate in our Showcase Event featuring all the successful applicants and demonstrating your innovations to the network of Future Cities Catapult and beyond.

Invitation to our 3rd Thursday Networking Events during the demonstration period, mingle with a wide range of influencers and market players architecture, urbanism, technology and the built environment.


Future Cities Catapult will be providing funding of up to a total of £40,000 to cover installation, overheads and other related costs of the deployment and demonstration in the park. Collaboration contracts will be awarded for up to a maximum of £10,000 each which will be available to any individual proposal that are selected during this competition.  The funding amount will be confirmed with the award of the contract, valid invoices and receipts will need to be produced to access the funds.


Jigsaw Puzzle Workshop – as part of the planning for the demonstration of your product or service, Future Cities Catapult would like to host winning candidates and our collaboration partners in order to connect and discover potential for collaboration. This workshop is to discover potential for the products and services that each of the candidates will deploy and showcase in the park and potentially explore opportunities and synergies between the candidates and partners. This may lead to new ideas and to the creation of new experimental set-ups that have a much broader scope than initially assumed.

To Apply

Businesses interested in entering the competition are required to complete a short on-line questionnaire before 14th October 2016.

The results will be announced during November 2016.


More information about Application Instructions.

More information about our Evaluation Criteria.


All contact is to be made via the dedicated email, capstone@futurecities.catapult.org.uk or during the clinic to be hosted by Future Cities Catapult.

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