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Living Map

Living Map

We are working in partnership with Living Map to provide a detailed and accurate map of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to enable visitors and residents to navigate the park and surrounding areas with ease.

We know simply being in nature and being outdoors is good for your health and wellbeing.  From summer 2017 onwards Living Map will provide an accurate map of the park in many formats.  We want to encourage many local residents to access the park and enjoy the benefits from being outdoors.

Currently with construction, events and the dynamic nature of the park and its surroundings it can be difficult to navigate and gain consistent access through a route into the park.  We want to provide the most accurate and up-to-date picture as possible.

The dynamic map will be available online and updated on a regular basis to reflect any changes to access and accessible facilities.  Later in the Summer a night-time view of the park will be available which will show the lit areas so that people can navigate their way around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park safely.

We hope that the map will be available from July onwards so that as many visitors and residents can explore the park further. Watch this space!

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