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Women, Leadership and the Citizen Professional


Join us for an informal talk from Liane Hartley focusing on a new form of leadership, 'collaborative empowerment.'

Liane will tell the story of how ‘collaborative empowerment’ is emerging with the city and place making sector as well as her tale of becoming an ‘accidental leader.’

Using examples from Detroit and Mexico City among others, Liane will explore how ‘DIY urbanism’, a collaborative approach to city development and design based on social drivers, is changing how decisions are made in and about cities.  Find out the importance of creating ‘citizen professionals,’ enabling citizens to take part in decisions about place-making. Also, Drawing on her work with Urbanistas UK Liane will talk about how women can best take up opportunities for collaborative leadership.

Liane Hartley is the founder of Urbanistas UK and Director of Mend, a social enterprise specialising in responsible procurement, planning and place-making.

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