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Lunchtime Lecture - 'Understanding Impact: Urban Transformation and its Meanings'


Join Future Cities Catapult and learn about ‘Urban Transformations’.

Transformation is a commonly used term in which virtually any physical or spatial change in a city is labelled as ‘transformation’. In this talk, we will examine different types of urban transformation and how they are measured.

Ultimately, the talk argues for transformation that is deeper, more long-term and meaningful for the lives of citizens. We can achieve this type of genuine transformation in several ways, but two stands out the most: learning theoretically from how we reframe ideas and meanings – including from philosophical movements – of transformation, and learning critically from historical – and often surprising – examples of strategies of transformation, especially political ones.

Speaker: Dr. Aseem Inam, Professor and Chair in Urban Design, Cardiff University and Director of TRULAB: Laboratory for Designing Urban Transformation, a pioneering research-based practice that originated in the US. He is an urbanist and activist-scholar-practitioner who is designing urban transformation at the exciting intersection of urban theory and design practice.

Light refreshments will be provided during the Lunchtime Lecture.

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