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Third Thursday: Sustainable Urban Mobility

From horseless carriages to driverless cars - how cities need to harness innovation, technology and data to enable sustainable urban mobility


Speaker: Ben Plowden, Director of Strategy & Planning, TfL

Join us on May 18 for our monthly Third Thursday event where Ben Plowden, Director of Strategy & Planning at TfL, will outline the challenges facing London’s transport network and how innovation is helping address these.

Ben will give:

  • An expert overview of transport in London
  • The key transport challenges facing London
  • How TfL is leveraging innovation, technology and data to meet these challenges.

If you are curious about Future Cities Catapult, would like to learn more about our Urban Mobility programme, or how to work with Future Cities Catapult, register for Third Thursday – our evening networking event for stakeholders operating in the urban environment.

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