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Third Thursday - Spotlight on SMEs


The growth of UK-based businesses is one of the Future Cities Catapult’s priorities. In order to achieve this goal we have a programme dedicated to supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our SME Engagement Programme combines hosting resident innovators, the Urban Innovation Centre Carnet for occasional visitors, taster events, in-depth seminars, bespoke assistance and broad outreach - as well as collaboration in research and development projects, open calls, challenges, and opportunities to demonstrate in cities across the UK and Europe.

If you are curious about Future Cities Catapult, would like to learn more about the SME programme, collaboration opportunities or how to work with Future Cities Catapult join our evening networking event for SMEs, academia, government and other stakeholders operating in the urban environment.

Confirmed speakers include: 

Raggy Jha, Chief Product Ofiicer, Red Ninja

Stephen Passmore, Head of Platform Delivery, The Ecological Sequestration Trust

Sam Parton, Co-Founder, Open Play

Milos Milisavljevic, CEO, Strawberry Energy

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