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Third Thursday – Hyper Connected and Data Rich Cities

This March, Future Cities Catapult’s flagship monthly networking events will be focused on Future Cities Catapult project 'Hyperconnected'


While numerous test beds have been created and countless demonstration projects have been carried out around the world, challenges and barriers remain to scaling Advanced Urban Services.

As we approach the end of this phase of Hyperconnected project, join us to hear about the insights we uncovered to date and best practice.

How can new approaches to governance and business model development help address these challenges and unlock a pipeline of city wide opportunities, growing the Advanced Urban Services sector in the UK and global markets?

Speakers will share their vision of how impact led, city scale projects, enabled by new technologies such as 5G, will improve productivity bringing benefits to citizens and businesses.

The agenda is as follow:

6:40pm – Future Cities Catapult – Welcome

Jon Kirkpatrick – Chief Delivery Officer, Future Cities Catapult

6:45pm – Future Cities Catapult – Introduction to Hyperconnected – Online launch of Smart City Demonstrators; A Global review of challenges and lessons learned report.

Fin Kelly – Technical Lead, Future Cities Catapult

7:05pm – Innovate UK – Closing remarks

Mike Pitts – Head of Urban Living and Smart Infrastructure, Innovate UK

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