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Lunchtime Lecture Speculative Design and the Future of Cities


Emerging technologies, social and cultural pressures, economic drivers, and geo-political wranglings are shaping our cities in new and often radically unpredictable ways. This complexity and uncertainty can make it difficult to make sense of what is ahead for our future cities when the very underpinnings of our current state are in such a state of flux.

In this Lunchtime Lecture J. Paul Neeley of Neeley Worldwide will present Speculative Design as an emerging and critically valuable approach for exploring and understanding the design of future cities, and show how we can use this understanding of possible futures to guide exploration of current opportunities.

The talk will show how speculative design can become part of organizational research, strategy and design processes, and will be followed by an open discussion on the topic.


J. Paul Neeley is a service and speculative designer working recently on projects around happiness, healthcare, sleep, future mobility, and issues of complexity in design and business.

He consults in service & speculative design at Neeley Worldwide and is a visiting lecturer in Service Design at the Royal College of Art.

He hold an MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art in London and a Bachelors of Science in Communication Studies and Economics from Northwestern University.

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