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Smart IOT London


What does it mean to live in a SMART IoT city? How do we create the ecosystems and investment to support the smart IoT city? How we design systems for people?

You know the ‘what’ of ‘things’.

You probably understand the ‘why’ on ‘things’.

What you need to fully grasp now is the ‘how’ of ‘things’.

That’s just what Smart IoT London will immerse you in. Wherever you are on your IoT journey; whether you’re exploring how to become a data-centric business, or you are looking at the next steps of securing, analysing and integrating this data with your existing or new applications and processes – Smart IoT London is the only place to be.

With an endless number of routes, which can see you lost and confused, Smart IoT London will be the compass you need.

Future Cities Catapult will be speaking at the following sessions with an emphasis on urban innovation:

Global Review of Smart City Strategies

Rushi Rama, Digital Strategy Lead, Future Cities Catapult // Lean Doody, Associate Director, Arup

Stream: IoT Solutions in Industry, Enterprise and Cities

Day: Weds 15th March

Time: 16:40 – 17:00


Living in IoT

Digital Transformation Keynote

Rachel Cooper OBE, Future Cities Catapult Board Member


13:50 – 14:25

Stream: Cities

Read an interview with Rachel Cooper OBE here

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