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Rethinking the Estate

Rethinking the Estate


The many impacts of divergent local economies, demographic change, climate change, growing competition, ongoing austerity, and rapid technological change mean that anchor institutions must rethink the way they imagine their physical estate. No longer it is sufficient to ensure that the estate is well managed and fit simply for its primary and singular purpose. Nor is it enough to think only of institutional boundaries without thinking also of the wider local place in which it is based.

Universities, colleges, combined & local authorities and local NHS institutions are now beginning to think more radically.

  • How can the estate be used to drive new incomes and leverage additional investment finance, both individually and collectively?
  • How can estates be re-purposed, especially as some existing stock becomes redundant or obsolete?
  • How can the concept of Total Place drive better collective outcomes, build new incomes and save cash? How can we use the estate in new ways to drive wider economic growth in local places?
  • How can technology be used to build Smart Estates and build Smart Cities?

This session of the Local Growth Academy will recognise good practise. But it will also challenge some existing cultures by setting out potential and radical new approaches.

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