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Mapping the Experimentation Ecosystem


This workshop will gather experimenters, communities and authorities to map the current ecosystem of digital experimentation in London. We will explore our experiences with innovation, make connections and start to create bridges.

The event will build on the journeys that attendees have experienced whilst innovating in the digital space (experimenting, proving a concept, etc) and incorporate the experience of experimentation with urban data and IoT in the framework of OrganiCity.

We want to include different voices in the event to create an inclusive service that facilitates experimentation.

Who is hosting this event and why?

OrganiCity is testing how the cities of the future can enable experimentation with urban data as a service for citizens and communities. Last year, OrganiCity funded 25 experiments with urban data in London, Aarhus and Santander.

As we prepare to launch our next open call in Summer 2017, we are trying to understand how this service might become more sustainable. This workshop will help us improve the process to facilitate experimentation in our complex ecosystem. The project is not-for-profit and funded by the European Commission. Future Cities Catapult and Intel ICRI Labs are some of the partners developing OrganiCity and will be the hosts of this event.


05:30 Р06:00 pm. Arrivals and drinks

06:00 – 07:45 pm. Workshop

07:45 – 08:15 pm. Drinks and networking

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