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Lunchtime Lecture 'The Market Cycles – the Impact of Cycling in UK Cities'

Join Future Cities Catapult at our Lunchtime Lecture to hear from our speaker Neil Webster about the impact of cycling in UK cities.


This lunchtime lecture will include:

  • Why is healthy travel an integral component of a healthy city?
  • What research is there to demonstrate the benefits?
  • What are cities doing to respond to the challenges?
  • What examples are there of best practice?
  • How is the property development community helping to improve commuter cycling?

In this session we will address these questions and present the findings of the British Council for Offices (BCO) report “The Market Cycles” authored by Remit Consulting.

Speaker: Neil Webster, Director, Remit Consulting

Neil is a director of the management consultancy Remit Consulting. He focuses on real estate strategies for large organisations – public and private. He is currently assisting one of the five London health transformation teams on their estate change programme. How the property industry responds to the rise in cycling has been an interest of Neil’s for over a decade.

As well as authoring BCO’s 2017 report he was involved in the original report’s publication in 2012. He was a judge for the Club Peloton property awards in 2015, is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on cycling and has recently been elected a Trustee of the London Cycling Campaign.

He can occasionally be found on a bike.

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