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Lunchtime Lecture 'From Google to Transport for London how new ICTs can Enable Alternative ways to Produce Services'

Future Cities Catapult will be hosting its first 2018 Lunchtime Lecture. Andrea Paletti, LSE will be discussing ICTs in the Public Sector.


Companies like Google, Airbnb, UBER or Deliveroo are using new Information and communications technologies (ICTs) to involve external actors (developers, drivers, companies, house owners etc…) to produce services for their clients.

Thanks to these emerging ways to produce services companies can use external resources and capabilities to deliver more value to their clients. The presentation shows how the same ICTs can enable public sector organizations to involve external actors in the production of public services.

A framework of the different modes of production of public services is presented and then applied to the case of Transport for London to explain how a public organization can simultaneously combine different modes of production to deliver more value to citizens.

Speaker: Andrea Paletti, PhD candidate in Information System and Innovation at the Department of Management of London School of Economics.

Andrea’s research is on digital strategy for private and public sector and design of information systems (IS). By focusing on digital strategy, he examines different forms of co-creation that can increase the value of products and services.

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