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Innovation Week Cardiff - Health and Mobility

Innovation Week Cardiff - Health and Mobility


Some features of modern city life – from congested communities to poor air quality, and over-exposure to hyper-stimulating environments – have negative impacts on health. However, these negative features need not be inevitable, and other characteristics of cities actively promote wellbeing.

This session will explore how cities can harness new technologies and approaches to mitigate the negative health impacts of city life and maximise the benefits. Join this free event as we explore cities as enablers of health and wellbeing and the opportunities for Cardiff.

This session will be of interest to those working in health, mobility, smart cities, regeneration, city planning, SME’s, economic development & prosperity.


  • Dr. Marc Clement, Director of School of Management, Swansea University
  • Andrea Gordon, Engagement Manager, Guide Dogs
  • Warren Fauvel, the co-founder and CEO of Nudjed, a healthtech start-up based in Cardiff
  • Fiona Kinghorn, Director of Public Health
  • Dr. Mhairi McVicar, Senior Lecturer and Director of Engagement, School of Architecture, Cardiff University

Chaired by:

Sam Markey, Head of Relationship Development at Future Cities Catapult

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