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Future Of Planning - Innovation Workshop


Future Cities Catapult are running an innovation workshop in Birmingham on Thursday 8 December that will explore the Future of Planning in the UK.

This event will include talks from planning system technology innovators, an ‘Ideas Workshop’ and an open Q&A panel discussion on the Future of Planning. We’ll be leading this event with support from Impact Hub Birmingham and ideas generated from the workshop will be presented in a relaxed, open mic style to the group and inform an open call for SMEs and technology start-ups to develop practical solutions in early 2017.

Our Future of Planning programme is exploring how the digitisation of the planning system can de-risk the development process, engage everyone in the planning process and ultimately make the process more efficient and transparent so that planners have more time to plan.

Future Cities Catapult is already researching ‘state of the art’ innovations in planning from around the world; conducting in-depth user research with partner Planning Authorities across England, and identifying challenges and concepts for entrepreneurs and SMEs to develop further and take to market. Our innovation workshop series in London and now in Birmingham are designed to engage keen practitioners in our work.

By participating in our innovation session, you will be joining a growing community of UK-based practitioners interested in changing the Planning System. Our overall objective is to demonstrate the viability, desirability and feasibility of having a more data-driven and digitally enabled planning system. We are looking for those who are frustrated with the planning system, from whichever angle, who feel they can disrupt and improve the system for everyone. We’re looking for those people who have ideas of how we can manage land use in our cities better; whether this is finding land for development, making it easier to understand viability, improving how we make planning decisions or transforming how citizens engage with development in their area – our workshop will be exploring the planning and development industry from head to tail.

There’ll be a chance to network throughout the day, with lunch provided. Networking drinks will also follow straight after the Q&A panel event, which is open to a wider general audience.

This is just the beginning and we hope that you can join us on this exciting journey.

Please note that this event is invite-only. Please contact andy.reeve@hubbirmingham.net to be considered or if you have any questions.

Join the conversation on Twitter by using #FutureofPlanning and by following Euan and Stef.

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