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Innovation Week Cardiff - Data Visualization training for SMEs

Innovation Week Cardiff – A beginner’s introduction to Data visualisation A free hands-on workshop for SMEs on effective use of data visualisation run by the Future Cities Catapult’s Cities Lab.


Data can help cities to address growing economic, social and environmental pressures. But it can be complex and inaccessible. The Future Cities Catapult data visualisation workshop for SMEs is a beginner’s introduction to the tools, techniques and storytelling skills required to turn raw city data into striking visualisations which explore and address urban challenges, helping you to reach new audiences and clients and turn complex information into useful assets. If you are an SME, sign up now to:

  • Learn how to turn data into engaging and accessible visualisations
  • See examples of best new urban data visualisations
  • Get expert support during exercises
  • Share learning points with other SMEs
  • Consult Future Cities Catapult designers and data scientists with your data visualisation questions.


  • Joe Dignan, Smart City Evangelist, Global Partner Channel Lead, World Bank and EC Expert, Global Advisory Board Chair
  • Gemma Guilera, SME Programme Lead at Future Cities Catapult
  • Joseph Bailey, Data Scientist at Future Cities Catapult
  • Indira Knight, Creative Web Developer at Future Cities Catapult


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