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Cross-Sector Approaches to City Challenges: Staffordshire Connected Roadworks


The Staffordshire Connected Roadworks Project is a collaborative research and development project that aims to reduce the impact of roadworks in Staffordshire.

Lead partner Amey, working in collaboration with Staffordshire County Council, CSC, Elgin, Staffordshire University, Future Cities Catapult and Tenshi have developed a Smart City Platform and business case analysis to enable and support more connected road works schemes.

The project has designed, prototyped and trialled a new spatial planning tool to streamline joint road works planning. The tool combines short and medium-term programmes from Staffordshire Highways, utility providers and telecommunications companies into a single platform.

Come along to this event to hear more from the project team about the research findings and lessons learned.

The event will also debate policy challenges and solutions and promote the work of the partners involved in the project through showcasing the technology and management achievements. In addition, the event will highlight the benefits of delivering more collaborative road works schemes and sets out the business case for industry actors and local stakeholders.

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