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Co-Creating Cities of the Future: OrganiCity Experiments Launch


Join us to celebrate the first round of experiments with urban data in London, Aarhus and Santander. Meet the citizens, initiatives and companies experimenting in London and testing how our future cities could offer Experimentation as a Service for citizens and communities.

OrganiCity evolves technologies and services that keep citizens at the core of the city’s growth. We believe ‘smart cities’ must develop around the needs of citizens and enable citizen action. On December 8th, we are bringing together the winners of OrganiCity’s first open call for experiments in London to talk about the tools and methods they are using to co-create smart city solutions in their local communities.

Our experimenters in London are working on a variety of urban challenges: wellbeing in overcrowded housing; the accessibility of our transport network; mobile pollution sensing in our streets and buildings; mobility for the visually impaired; live traffic conditions; procurement efficiency; the quality of water in our rivers, and the effect of tranquility in the city.

This launch event is a great opportunity to learn more about OrganiCity, meet the experiment teams in London, and find out how you can get involved in their experiments or create your own in our future open calls.

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