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Future Cities Catapult attending Festival of the Future City in Bristol


Future Cities Catapult, in association with Festival of the Future City, is co-organising Bristol Festival of the Future City from 18-20 October, 2017.

Festival of the Future City brings together politicians, scientists, academics, futurists, think-tanks, philosophers and creatives to name a few. This three-day event will explore key issues facing the future of our cities and generate public debate across a variety of topics including solving inequality and segregation, building healthy cities and fostering sustainability.

A series of FCC-led sessions will showcase the best in advanced urban services sector and the innovations related to city health, urban mobility and integrated urban infrastructure. Our speakers are:

Jarmo Eskelinen, Chief Information Technology Officer, will be speaking at the ‘Smart Cities and Smart Citizens’ session on 18 October. Learn more and register for the event.

Sofia Taborda, Head of Account and New Business Management, will be charing at the ‘Future Cities Catapult: Urban Mobility‘ session on 18 October. Form more info, please click here.

Erin Walsh, Head of City Strategies, will be speaking at the ‘Making the City Playable: Who Can Play?’ session on 19 October. For more info, please click here to register to the event.

Thanos Bantis, data scientist for Urban Modelling and Indira Knight, creative web developer will be speaking at the ‘Future Cities Catapult: Data Visualisation Workshop’ session on 19 October. For joining the event, click here.

Jon Kirkpatrick, Head of Connected Cities, will be speaking at the ‘Future Cities Catapult: Healthy Cities‘ session on 20 October. Book your seat here.

Future Cities Catapult will be running the following sessions:

Come and join us!

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