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Architecture and Citizenship: Who are we designing for?

MoA’s thematic programming on Architecture and Citizenship explores the relationship between politics and the built environment with the aim of helping architects become active agents of social change.


In their daily practice, architects and designers work with different types of publics, ranging from private individuals, groups and communities, to corporations or public institutions. Defined and guided by these relationships, the architects’ work both reflects those very publics and actively constructs them by giving shape to their their needs, desires, social status, and aspirations.

What does it mean to design for each of these different types of publics? How do different scales and types of citizenship in turn shape the architect’s work? What is the politics behind designing for individuals and families, rather than entire countries or regions? This talk will bring together seven speakers whose work is closely related to different types of publics, be it as clients or final users. The categories – individual, family, community, city, region, country and international – will point to the wide-ranging impact that designing for each group has within the broader context of a civic society.


  • Finn Williams, public planner, GLA
  • Euan Mills, ‎Urban Design and Planning Lead, Future Cities Catapult
  • Nathan Ardaiz, Research Associate, Azuko
  • Lucia Caistor, Associate, Architecture Sans Frontières, UK
  • Martin Barry, Director, reSITE

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