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Strategy, Markets & Standards Team Lead

Reporting line

The Basics

  • Competitive depending on experience
  • Central London
  • Working Hours:  Standard full time
  • Holiday: 25 days per annum
  • Future Cities Catapult is an equal opportunities employer and commitment to this process will be expected.
Download the job description here.

So what's it about?

Future Cities Catapult are seeking a Strategy, Markets and Standards Team Lead who will provide strategic guidance and direction, and will enable and champion quality control for projects, and team deliverables. As team lead, you will lead, inspire and line manage a team of up to six professionals, consisting of: market analysts; city strategists; and cities standards co-ordinator. Harnessing their experience and enthusiasm, you will be happy to wear many hats and be comfortable taking the lead on multiple projects with responsibility from initial briefing and inception right through to delivery. You will play a key role in connecting the team and the Catapult to industry networks, investors, as well as relevant academic and public sector circles. You will have a bridge builder mentality to build productive relationships across the whole of Future Cities Catapult and in wider project teams. With a large variety of projects in the pipeline, you will be comfortable working on a wide range of tasks and projects. You will a person who values interaction and prefers to work closely with both our internal peers and our external partners and clients, discussing possible approaches and solutions.
You will be interested in helping cities to understand their challenges and identify opportunities to make our cities more sustainable and great places to live and work. You will play a key role in developing our understanding and thought leadership in the demand and supply side of the smart city market. Working with UK SME’s to identify smart city markets in the UK and internationally and in tandem will provide cities with the tools and insights to become more informed clients in the smart city market.
Knowledge and interest in new technologies is hugely desirable and more importantly how to combine innovation and technology with city needs in order to make better services and products for people is key. Acting as an advocate for market-making internally and externally as critical to FCC’s mission, including:
  • Steer project pipeline towards market-making opportunities;
  • Create and deliver projects that leverage the team and wider resources to make markets;
  • Provide thought leadership on how to make markets.
Working internally across the Catapult you will act as a bridge within the Catapult, specifically:
  • between City Strategies and the lab, turning strategies into impact;
  • Between the SMS team and the relationship development team;
  • Between the SMS team and the SME programme.

What will you be doing?

  • You will lead, inspire and line manage our strategy, markets and standards team, a growing group of professionals who are independent and are taking responsibility in their areas of expertise.
  • You will play a pro-active role in shaping and guiding our commercial and collaborative research and development opportunities for the organisation.
  • Design, schedule and execute the vision and work plan for the whole of the team, detailing the lines of responsibility and workflow to support our 5-year strategy and annual plan.
  • Evaluate performance and help set objectives with the team, and will carry out regular check points ensuring all team members are on track to meet agreed outputs.
  • Develop and grow the capacity and skills of the SMS team to match the needs of our project pipeline.
  • Develop and grow individual team members by agreeing clear development plans as a direct outcome of competency and skills review.
  • Develop, embed and promote the tools and processes the SMS team use to deliver their work effectively and sustainably.
  • Establish a good working relationship with all teams at FCC.
  • Make presentations on the status of the activities and the project pipeline, preparing regular reports to the Head of Cities Strategies and wider leadership team. 
  • Plan and manage the budget of the Team.
  • Lead the creative process of the team and ensure high quality of our work.
  • Present and defend team deliverables and key milestone to peers and executive level stakeholders.

What will be the first year outcomes?

We like to judge success against outcomes. We would expect you to achieve the following headline outcomes during the first 1 – 12 months:
First Month:
  • Achieve an overview of the team’s current projects and challenges within them.
  • Develop an asset list for the team.
  • Carry out a team meeting and 1:1 meeting with each member of the SMS team, lab heads and team leads.
  • Taken responsibility for up to 3 projects.
First Three Months:
  • Develop a good working relationship across the whole Future Cities Catapult.
  • Deliver the work plan for the SMS Team for the next 12 months.
  • Plan the resourcing of the team and manage any recruitment process.
First Six Months:
  • With the team lead the creation of a team portfolio of deliverables, knowledge, networks, products, tools, etc.
First Year:
  • Ensure the team has delivered in accordance with our 5-year strategy, with two city strategies, 10 smart city standards, and enabled and supported market creation in the smart cities arena through economic modelling, improving procurement, good-practice sharing, export promotion, and interventions to support commercialisation.
  • Turn the plans into reality, so that our capabilities, and impact in the future cities market is developed and delivered.
  • Progress the professional development of each team member.

What kind of person are we looking for?

  • BA, MA, and/or MBA (e.g. economics, or a related discipline)
  • You will be flexible, adaptable and comfortable with uncertainty and strive to develop opportunities and credible deliverables in a fast changing environment.
  • Proven leadership skills, running both teams and projects, including excellence in team-building and people skills, with an inclusive management style. You will be open and fair minded, personable and approachable.
  • Strong business and commercial acumen with experience in a senior position.
  • At least 10 years’ experience with a background in a mix of the following: commercial, public sector, investor, and innovation environment.
  • At least 3 years’ experience in leading multi-disciplinary teams with experience of mentoring, inspiring, leading and giving direction and guidance to team members.
  • Experience of client side delivery, with demonstrable implementation and impact.
  • Ability to meet overlapping deadlines in a fast-paced working environment without substituting quality or accuracy.
  • Ability to collaborate & build relationships genuinely & easily with diverse urban disciplines, unfamiliar with strategy, markets and standards.
  • Strong negotiation skills and the ability to resolve complex issues.
  • Solid experience in client relationships, innovating investment markets, local government, future cities market, and with policy makers.
  • Strong communication skills.
Also desirable:
  • Experience in digital transformation, organization change, and innovation.
  • Experience in projects centered on urban challenges, technologies and cities.
  • Familiarity with high growth start-ups, particularly in the technology sector.
  • Ability to understand and manage project and organisational budgets and financing, as well as various business models.

Want to apply?

Please submit your CV and Cover letter through our apply button

First round interviews are planned to take place on Thursday18th May, with final face to face interviews taking place on Thursday 25th May. 

Download the job description here.

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