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Calling skilled web developers…come work with us to help build a city data tool!

Tombolo is an innovation project, developing products and services to help city authorities better use data to improve the lives of their citizens.

The Digital Connector is an open source piece of software we’ve built, which allows data specialists to efficiently connect data sets into a common format. Users can share the indexes they create with an open source data community.We’re looking to appoint a supplier to come work with us to create an innovative method of visualising the models we’ve built so far.

We’ve got an idea of what we want to build and we’ve already done the UX work in-house.

We’re now looking to work with you to take this project further. Our goal is to create a fully developed and deployed web-app that users can interact with; that’s built modularly and with scalability in mind; that’s capable of enticing City Decision Makers and an open source community to get behind the project.

We’re passionate about the use of data in our cities. If you’ve got a similar passion then please apply here.

We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas!

The Tombolo Project Team

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